ChillRx is a community-powered record label.

Buy a pill to join the #1 music NFT club and
become a web3 record label owner.

Medicine for the music industry.

These lil' pill NFTs are your membership into the club.
They're the metaverse-ready minions that run the whole record label.

Join the premier web3 music club.

ChillRx is where top NFT music creators come to network, gain support, share alpha, and participate in on-going projects that our members create and release together as a community-powered record label.

Events unlike anything you've been-to before.

We rent out legendary studios (like the one Kanye recorded College Dropout in) to throw epic parties. Mostly exclusive to holders, but sometimes we invite some of our other web3 frens.

Stake your pills to earn
$CHILL coin everyday.

$CHILL is our exclusive token. Use it to bid on bluechip NFTs from our treasury at a discount, sell and purchase NFTS in our marketplace, rent studio time, get VIP concert tickets, access to upcoming drops, and upgrade your pill to a party pill.


Music that
hits in web2.

Our first community made song hit Spotify's New Music Friday playlist and generates 83,000+ streams per-week and counting. The song was written and produced by ChillRx holders who split the royalties from all sales, streams, and syncs. Powered by CR8 Protocol.

Play games that generate streams.

Traditional artists are so... web2. Thats why we're creating next-gen technology and original IP with our community that pushes the boundaries of whats possible. From full-body mo-cap metaverse studio sessions to augmented reality games that generate song streams every time you play. ChillRx is building the future of what all web3 music artist ecosystems will become. Click here to play the games.

Music that hits harder in web3.

Collectors that hold a ChillRx NFT get exclusive access to curated drops from some of the biggest artists, labels, and publishers in the game.

If your'e a musician, unlock the opportunity to release music through our marketplace and airdrops like the decentralized living album NFT that updates weekly with new songs made by the community.

Our mission is to win a mf'ing Grammy-award, together.

Our north star is to bring web3 music mainstream by mixing the power of technology and infrastructure with the magic of storytelling and songs to unlock new possibilities, paving the way for the next generation of pop-star (you).

Yup, we made a roadmap too.

Then actually did a bunch of the stuff we put on it.

*we didnt include our merch because merch is not a utility.


Is there a discord?

What is the utility?

What are the funds being used for?

Is this only for musicians?

What are the IP rights?

What is The Plug?

What are Song Games?

Who else is in ChillRx?

What songs have been released?

Whats [Redacted]?

Whats $CHILL?


Whats Next?